Friday, October 9, 2015

Gaming on the Stick

I'm guessing that common sense would prevent you from buying such a device for gaming but then again once you have it there's no harm in trying.

So far I've tested MAME emulation that works great out of the box, but you can run that stuff on your watch nowadays. I've also tried PSX emulation that needs a graphics card to handle OpenGL acceleration but there is a driver called "P.E.Op.S OpenGL Driver 1.78" and it worked like a charm. On the driver preferences I've chosen Fullscreen 800x600 that fills my 1080p screen just fine, color depth 32bit, Texture filtering 4, Gfx Card Vram 64Mbytes. 

The PSX Disney titles I tried with the driver played just fine although some games displayed flaws that I wasn't willing to fix, but that just needs a little tweaking.

On the Windows side of things 
some simple Disney 3D titles that I tested ( Despicable Me and Cars ) played fine, for a five year old gamer (that will be using this setup), that's more than enough.
On my quest for better PSX graphics I tried ePSXe for Android, connected my wireless gamepad with a USB OTG cable, loaded PSX games and since I own a Chromecast I sent them to my TV and everything worked just fine (with a slight lag that is).

All in all you shouldn't count on this stick for any heavy duty gaming but for casual gaming and emulators it is more than enough.

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