Monday, October 19, 2015

Booting a different OS on the stick is tricky..

I had an experimental mood this past weekend and wanted to try alternative OSes on the Stick but couldn't manage to start any of them with various degrees of failure. The main contestants were "CloudReady" by Neverware (ChromeOS for all computers) and Android X86 (yes that Android).
CloudReady managed to boot but it wouldn't recognize the wifi on the Stick, for an online OS that's a showstopper. The Android X86 5.1 build that I tried didn't have any success in starting up. Funny thing though is that both started and played just fine on my wife's old HP laptop so I settled for that.

Yes this is Android 5.1 on a laptop and yes it works great.

The Android desktop in action

This is CloudReady and I love it.

Chrome runs just fine on older hardware and everything is snappy.

The main OS on this laptop is Linux Mint and it runs smoothly.

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