Monday, October 12, 2015

Gaming frontend Launchbox is amazing.

If you happen to use your Compute Stick for retro gaming on Windows and you have it plugged in to your TV than a good looking gaming frontend that collects all your emulators and Roms along with DOS and PC games is something you might be looking for. I happily stumbled upon Launchbox that not only gathered all my games in one central place, it also scraped information and covers from multiple sources and to top it all off it has Kodi integration with a mode called Big Box so that you get a game launcher that behaves well and compliments your Kodi setup.

The main Launchbox GUI
The Big Box GUI
The app setup uses a wizard, you select your Roms folder, the platform and the emulator location and you're done, it starts scraping information and presenting your games in the order you prefer along with images. A search bar at the top is helpful for finding games, you can favorite them and sort them according to that and you can change the game information or ask for new through the edit dialog.

The app is free to use but Big Box (big screen UI and Kodi integration) needs a lifetime licence of $20, well worth it if you ask me.

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