Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Compute Stick went into a boot loop after the November Windows update.. (possible fix)

The November Windows 10 upgrade was a major disaster for quite a few Intel Compute Stick owners. I was no exception. Thankfully I found a way to recover my Stick from a boot loop after the aforementioned update. Back in August I downloaded a Windows 10 .iso version 10240 and I used Rufus to write that to a USB drive I had lying around. The latest .iso from Microsoft would not boot or install for that matter so look for that August release and try a fresh install with version 10240. After the installation you'll have to visit Intel's site and conveniently download the "Automatically update your drivers" file that will install everything you'll need to get the graphics WiFi and Bluetooth going.
Everything seems to be running smooth after that but you'll have to go to your Windows Update options and choose "Advanced options" and check the "Defer upgrades" box that will disable the November 1511 upgrade from installing again soon.. One minor glitch after all this seems to be the recognition of my TV as speakers that needs a reboot to happen otherwise I sometimes get no sound..
Hopefully Intel will come up with a solution to the upgrade problem or Microsoft will release a new one that is more Compute Stick friendly. Until then try not to install the upgrade or try my solution if possible.


  1. I experience the same fookin problems as well.. even wireless keyboard&mouse dongle (Logitech) do not react.. i put an oldfashioned USB 2.0 hub to main USBport and adapted the BIOS from performance mode to balanced mode ( gives support for >1 USB device up to 4 max.) Now trying again with latest BIOS installed to get Windows10 working again. Either mouse or keyboard seem to fail, so I stil cannot work with normal behaving desktop, i.o.w. I AM STUCK!!! 😈😢

    1. My USB 2.0, 4port hub is powered by a 5V plug so I'm guessing that helps since I'm also using a keyboard/mouse dongle and I managed to boot of a USB thumb drive connected on the hub. The installation can proceed by using just the keyboard and if I remember correctly that's how I did some part of it using TAB and space for some selections, after install everything worked fine.. Just my 2 cents

  2. maybe W10 recovery mode can solve sumthing

  3. maybe W10 recovery mode can solve sumthing